When To Contact An Emergency Electrician

There are going to be times when we need to contact an electrician to do some standard tasks in our home and when we really need to get someone out to our homes to fix major issues.  If you are debating if you need to hire a regular electrician or look for an emergency electrician in Gastonia, NC, here are some tips to consider.

Do you smell smoke or see unusual activity?

If you do, then it is a good reason to turn off all your power and call someone.  You never want to smell smoke, electrical burning or other indicators.  You want to plug in a plug into your outlet and not get any feedback.  If you do, then it is a sign something is wrong.

If lights flicker or other devices start acting weird

If you are seeing flickering lights every time you turn on your lights or if you plug in a device and something doesn’t seem right, then you may have a major issue.  This is when you want to contact an electrician to come and check out your wiring. 

You don’t want to panic when something like this happens.  Many people when they panic will make rash decisions and could make the situation worse.  One thing that you never want to do is yank or pull a plug from the wall.  You don’t want to use metal devices to help pull or pry plugs or other items from outlets and you really don’t want to use water to put out an electrical fire.

emergency electrician in Gastonia, NC

Using common sense, take a moment to relax and get a handle of the situation will help you.  If something does happen, get people away from the situation as quickly as possible, leave the location and call the fire department.  Then once everything is okay again, deal with the situation then.